A Modified Simple Method for Induction of Myocardial Infarction in Mice

Myocardial infarction (MI) represents one of the leading causes of death. MI models are widely used for investigating the pathomechanisms of post-MI remodeling and evaluation of novel therapeutics. Different methods (e.g., isoproterenol treatment, cryoinjury, coronary artery ligation, etc.) have been used to induce MI. Compared with isoproterenol treatment and cryoinjury, coronary artery ligation may better […]


Polyethylene glycol(PEG) derivatives

PEGs by Utility Polyethylene glycol(PEG) derivatives are utilized in a lot of fields, along with medical evaluation, drug-release, nanotechnology, new provides evaluation, cell custom, and totally different functions. The flexibleness to attach a variety of reactive helpful groups to the terminal positions of these polymers has enormously elevated their utility. Biochempeg provides extreme purity PEG derivatives to empower […]

Lipid Peroxidation

Lipid Peroxidation Assay Kit

Lipid peroxidation assay protocol summary: – add TBA reply to samples and necessities, incubate at 95ºC for 60 min, cool in ice bathtub for 10 min – swap to wells of microplate – analyze with microplate reader For higher sensitivity, precipitate with n-butanol, centrifuge, dry and resuspend pellet sooner than analysis. Lipid Peroxidation (MDA + […]