Caner of the stomach, 102 cases

Stomach cancer tissue array, 102 cases of normal-benign (5 cases) and cancer (97 cases with grading and TNM staging data) tissues.

Cases: 102
Cores: 102
Core size: 1.5mm
Core thickness: 4um
Format: 8 x 13
QA/QC: H&E, IHC anti-cytokeratin

All tissues were fixed in 10% neutral buffered formalin for 24 hours and processed using identical SOPs. Sections were collected on Superfrost Plus or Startfrost adhesive slides. All times are fresh cut when ordering. All have a guaranteed shelf life of six months at 4 ° C from the date of shipment. Additional cores not listed are orientation markers and have no data. There may be <5% core loss per slide, but the core retention rate should be> 90%.

Note: Bake at 60 ̊C for 30 minutes before using.


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